Gynacology & Mother Care

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Gynacology & Mother Care

People says Women are the best creation of God. She is the one and only to take care of everyone and everything. Motherhood for her is greatest challenge she ever go through. So .... we are here to think over all these angles and providing special service . Our Gynaecology department is for Pampering their Pregnancy ,motherhood, Also taking care of them and their illnesses.

This special unit is managed by Doctor who is Expert in Handling and managing all normal and complicated cases,taking care of Pregnancy and specialised in all Laporoscopic Surgeries.

Disease taken care in our unit :

  • Menstrual complaints
  • PCOD
  • Uterine diseases
  • Infertility

Special Workshop for pregnant ladies :

We understand this phase in women is of immense joy....This is priceless moment carrying a bit small part of soul inside our body. To make this moment more lovely and precious, Our Maternity unit started a special Workshops for all to be mothers. Here they enjoyed a time with knowing how their baby is growing at different stages,accordingly nutrition to be taken and soothing exercises for make them comfortable during pregnancy. They also enjoy more useful tips and games during workshop.