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Advancing from pocket money to Polyclinic:

The focus of the group on the area of contribution was triggered by a shocking incident, when mother of a group member died due to lack of timely medical facilities. When emergency medical assistance was required by the residents in this area, especially during nights, they had to rush the patient either to hospitals in Kalyan or Mumbai for even stabilizing the patient till he got secondary medical attention. The condition of pregnant women, children and old people was beyond imagination. Identifying the need of medical facilities in Titwala, Creative Group registered a charitable trust under the Companies Act 1956, and Creative Polyclinic was established on 28 October 2000. Keeping in view the objective of providing secondary level medical care to the public at affordable rates, these promoters of the Creative Group nurtured the idea of setting up a polyclinic in Manda-Titwala on a "No profit no loss" principle. All of them were happy when they saw their dream coming true when, Mr. Padmakar Wagh, contributed Rs.15000/- for Dental x-ray machine for the polyclinic; Mr. Vilas Patil donated his personal computer (PC); Mr. Nilesh Muley used to book 60 to 70 tickets single handedly, of charity shows for the development of the polyclinic; Mr. Vikrant Bapat in spite of shouldering the responsibility of his home, decided to devote his time to organize the activities of the polyclinic. The initiative was taken by Mr. Vikrant Bapat, who works as Neuro technologist in Neurology department of Hinduja Hospital and Mr. Kishore Gavankar who works as scientific officer in MPCB to set up the polyclinic.

Polyclinic starts functioning:

The polyclinic began its operations initially with availability of services of about 7-8 medical consultants. The ECG machine was donated by Mr. Anil Mahajan, President of the Giant's Group and Mr. Mahale was kind enough to spare his valuable time to hand over the ECG machine on behalf of the Giant's Group to Creative polyclinic on 11 November, 2001. A Nebulizer for asthma patients, x-ray machine, dental clinic, pathology laboratory, physiotherapy, Medical store was made functional for the villagers.Thus a team of educated, dedicated, socially committed and honest youths emerged in the village of Manda-Titwala to provide healthcare services to the community.

Their message to the community is:

"The Creative group has been constituted with the blessings and best wishes of the community. We are living a comfortable life today because of the sacrifice of lives of thousands of revolutionaries and millions of people who participated in the Freedom Movement to support the fight against injustice. Those thousands of revolutionaries and millions of Satyagrahis chose to devastate their own lives along with their families. We must honour their sacrifice by contributing to our society without selfish motives. We have therefore joined hands together to make a difference in the lives of people".

Medical camps organized by Creative Group:

Cardiac Check-up camp was the initiative of the Creative Group in close coordination and sponsorship of Dr. Pawan Kumar, a reputed cardiac surgeon associated with Lilavati Hospital. The Creative group had displayed its scientific approach in conducting such a camp. Initially tests like ECG, Chest x-ray, Stress test, 2D-Echocardiography were carried out. Hepatitis-B vaccination was administered to 10 children from economically backward community. One oxygen cylinder was donated to Maharathi Karna Gymnasium for its ambulance
April 2001: General health check-up camp was organized by the Creative Group at Vidya Mandir, Manda-Titwala.
May 2001: Blood donation camp was organized at Vidya Mandir School, Manda-Titwala to collect blood for 104 children suffering from Thalassaemia in St. George's Hospital; one of the patients being Ms. Veena Kishore Kulkarni from village Manda itself. About 55 bottles of blood was collected with active participation of the donors of Creative Group. St. George's Hospital extended their cooperation to make this camp a success.
July 2001 to August 2001: A vaccination camp to provide Hepatitis – B vaccination to the villagers was organized by the group between 15 July 2001 and 15 August 2001. They could get the sponsorship of a well reputed company in pharmaceuticals industry, Pfizer Ltd. for this camp, as the company could see the sincere and persistent efforts of the Creative Group.
June 2002: Regular health Check up facility started at Creative Polyclinic includes various blood test, x-ray, dental check up, eye check up.
December 2002: A Dental check-up camp was organized by the Creative group.
May 2003:Free Dental check up camp and de-addiction camp for addicted people was organized.
December 2005: Free Diabetic checkup and diabetic neuropathy check up was organized under guidance of Dr. R.K. Modi ( M.D. General Physician and Diabetologist)
January 2006: Free Dental Check Up camp was organized under guidance of Dr. Vikrant Bhat.
June 2006: Check up for children was organized under guidance of Dr. Harshal Nimkhande ( Child specialist) October 2008: On the occasion of 75th birth anniversary of Late. Smt Lalita Hinduja Creative Group organized a health check up camp with the support of P. D. Hinduja National Hospital.
June 2009: Dental Check up camp was organized under guidance of Dr. Anu Sam.
November 2009: With the team of 14 dentist from mumbai and local area along with 14 pathology technicians and staff, members Creative Group organized a camp for 1200 students of Vidya Mandir School Manda- Titwala in one day. This was a big camp in the history of Creative Group and was managed successfully and appreciated by principal and teachers of the school.
January 2010: With the help of Thyrocare Lab Creative Group organized a blood test camp at concessional rates.

Charity Shows for fund raising:

The Creative Group of Manda-Titwala also found an avenue to raise funds for the development of the polyclinic by appealing to a well reputed organization in the field of dramatics, "Suyog". A charity show of a humorous Marathi play "Heech Tar Premachi Gammat Ahe" was organized by the Creative Group on Sunday 3rd February 2002.

A charity show of another Marathi play called "Eka Lagnachi Goshta" and "Jadu Teri Nazar" was also organized by the Creative Group in 2004 and 2006, at Acharya Atre Auditorium, Kalyan to raise funds for further expansion of the activities of the polyclinic.

All these years the focus of the group has been to provide health services of better quality at affordable charges and therefore, the group always searched for people of like minds who cared for the welfare of the society.

Communication with the community:

The Creative Group of Manda-Titwala, has been observing strict code of ethics and conduct even before the trust was formed. The group has been publishing annual souvenirs since 1999 to inform the villagers about the activities being organized by them throughout the year. The Creative Group is also very particular about distributing leaflets and pamphlets in the village before organizing any activity, whether it is about health care, medical camps, vaccination drives or any other events like socio-cultural nature. The Creative Group has always offered first priority to communication with people.

Awareness about hospital project :

To give information about secondary level care hospital members of Creative Group visiting villages around Titwala. Information is given through brochures door to door and through banners. The message to community is that they will get timely treat

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